How to measure your silicone ring size

Easiest way to accurately measure for your silicone ring size, is to cut a small strip of paper. Thin rope or twine is thicker than the paper and could interfere with the sizing.

Step 1: Cut a thin strip of paper, long enough to wrap around your finger.

Cut piece of thin paper

Step 2: Wrap the paper around the finger you want to wear the ring on, and mark with a pen on the paper where it overlaps.

Measure where the paper overlap

Step 3: Measure the paper against a ruler to get the inches or millimeter measurement.

measure the paper

Step 4: Look up the measurement in the table to get your US silicone ring size.
In this example my ring size is 56.8mm. As I'm in between sizes I'm downsizing to size 7.

silicone ring size chart


Ring on finger